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When it comes to Cheating in the classroom, tests aren't the only problem... - Stuyvesant High School [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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When it comes to Cheating in the classroom, tests aren't the only problem... [Feb. 7th, 2013|10:43 pm]
Stuyvesant High School


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When it comes to "cheating" in High School, one thinks of the occasional test being altered for a better grade. But there is also the sad story of the two Spanish Department Teachers: Rosa Alicia Silverio-Bornstein & Manny Simon who were busted in a Sexual on-campus affair during February of 2010 to September 2010... A budding love affair isn't something to consider a sad thing when it's between two consenting and available (Unmarried) adults. But when there is a family involved and homes are broken, it is very sad indeed! Miss Silverio was married to Jonathan Bornstein and has two beautiful children by Him. They are now in the middle of a bitter divorce situation that has a disenfranchised Father on one end, and two sad children in the middle being used as pawns in a sick game of "keep away"...
Miss Silverio has conveniently accused her ex-husband Jonathan of Domestic Violence and allegedly told her children to lie and make official statements about "Daddy hitting Her"! This is terribly sad. Now you have a broken family with a loving Father having trouble seeing his Children because of the Courts siding with the Mother. Another family in ruins because of divorce and Cheating... Welcome to the real world. Apparently there is a lot that our "Teachers" haven't been taught...

From: urdoinit2urself
2013-04-11 02:57 am (UTC)
Hey steelyglenn,

This posting is really interesting and I've taken a few notes. First, I like how when you refer to the father in this story, you capitalize the 'f' in father and the 'h' in him. Do you consider him some sort of deity? Trust me... he's not. He's of flesh and blood just like you and me except that he's also mentally ill (medically diagnosed, in fact) and refuses medical attention or medication.
Second, the Silverio-Bornstein home was already broken... just like the window Jonathan broke the day he grabbed the phone out of Rosa's hand because she was going to call the police during one of his many cukoo-for-cocoa-puffs episodes he had on an, almost, weekly basis and glass shattered down on their son who was sitting on the couch at the foot of the window....Jonathan didn't even blink when it happened, let alone did he go to his son to see if he was okay (which luckily, he was). Let's not forget how 'GREAT' (sarcasm to the nth power) the court appointed visits went with the daughter. Those ended up in an order of protection, which he broke not too long ago. He just breaks things left and right. I get it. He can't help it.....
Thirdly, you may have a point about the kids misspeaking by making a statement of 'daddy hitting her'. It should have been 'daddy CHOKED her' and/or 'daddy SHOVED her'. Not to mention they should have also said, 'daddy dented the refrigerator in 3 places' and 'daddy broke the lamp in the kitchen' along with other items in the home that he damaged, which we'll thank the real God that he did those things instead of denting Rosa or breaking her and the children worse than he has.
Fourth, how loving is this 'father' if he he has not financially supported the children since the day of his arrest almost 3 years ago (due to a violent incident at home, by the way)? He didn't pay the school tuition, they have been fed and clothed solely by their mother for over 2.5 years now (oh! Did I mention he also took her oldest daugher's Bat Mitzvah $$ out of the bank account he made her put it into {he's a control freak too but I understand that's part of his illness} and the court ordered him to pay her in full and he STILL hasn't done so? That was this summer, by the way.... ).I think we use the term 'father' very loosely for this person (can't bring myself to call him a man... sorry) Also, if the courts have sided with the mother it's because he has shown his true colors each time they have a court date. And it should only get more interesting given that the judge doesn't know yet that he's not supporting the kids. God help us all when he's made to do THAT! RUN FOR THE HILLS!
Steely, I'm not trying to be mean. I'm just stating the facts. Bornstein has it in him to be an alright person but he needs to seek help and quit the stunts. Get on meds. Just plain - Get it together and stop the bullshit. Besides, with all due respect, you must not be his friend because you're airing his dirty cuckolded laundry. Not very nice....

PS: He has also harassed her mother and her ex-husband.... when will it END????
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